Thursday’s drop in session

We have moved to 94a Front street in Monkseaton. It is called “Fun Little Foodies” and thankfully they also have adult sized chairs. In August, we had the drop in on the beach (see pictures), but now we are warmly back indoors. Our last drop in session of 2019 is on Thursday 19th December, however we will have an extra beach session this year on Saturday 21st December at the beach near Rendez Vous to celebrate the solstice with a crackling fire from 4.30 – 5.30PM.

We practice mindfulness and self-compassion on Thursday evenings between 7 and 8PM. The hour is guided by mindfulness teachers Chris NEWellbeing or Anna or both of us. The drop in session can be helpful in maintaining and deepening your own practice and also connecting with others, experiencing kinship and amplifying silence. Participants vary in experience and most have participated in a 4 or 8 week mindfulness based course previously, but this isn’t necessary, so just drop in and experience some guided meditation. Costs are £5,- (£3,- cons) per session.