Testimonials Mindful Self-Compassion Courses

Appreciations from participants:

“This was a very positive experience for me, allowing me to get to know myself on a deeper level.”

“The pace of the session meant that we had time to reflect and to respond or not – I did not feel pressured to respond or have an opinion. The teacher developed a strong sense of union and support within the group which was embodied by respect and common humanity.”

“I found the course thought provoking and emotionally provoking. I felt that experiences that were impacting on my life (even though I was not aware of the impact) surfaced and that I could process them in a supported environment. Through the teacher’s guidance I feel my compassion for myself and others growing and my judgement receding.”

“A course that allows you to explore your own compassion, whilst learning a technique that is soothing and provides space and time to rest recover and restore.”

“I attended the course in the Autumn and it was the best i have participated in to date. Anna is a psychologist as well as a trained MSC teacher so it’s great value for money. I use the tools and strategies I learnt for reducing stress, on a daily basis. It’s a life changer!”

“The course was held by Anna with a natural sapiential authority though this was never forced.”

“I found the course to be meaningful and transformative and I reached a level of acceptance that I thought was beyond me.”