Insight North East is a meditation group based in Whitley Bay people come together to Meditate on Wednesday evenings

Mindfulness for wellbeing Thursday eve sessions in Monkseaton where people with different levels of experience come together to practice mindfulness and self-compassion in Monkseaton 94a Front Street from 7-8pm is also home to the Yoga Station in Whitley Bay a place to do Mindful Movement on Wednesday Morning

The dalai Lama and the Atlas of emotions. If we can navigate our emotions with grace, then we have more of a chance to remain in a state of calmness. The result is a fascinating online Atlas of Emotions, a 21st century tool for anyone feeling horrible to literally navigate their way through the contractions and repressions of living energy.

Female enlightenment Dakini power

Mindfulness when you are deaf, a link to another WordPress blog post

The Daring Way (Brené Brown) Emanate development

Supervision for mindfulness teachers

Buddhist Films  BAFF

Paying attention to what is happening while it is happening (mindfulness), looking after the meditator and uprising difficult emotions is compassion and recognizing when what is happening is happening is Insight meditation. Insight is necessary for liberation, mindfulness on its own is not enough. video Rob Nairn

School voor Zijnsoriëntatie Utrecht

Psychologists against austerity

When under threat you trigger your barriers and falseness, this is contrary to authenticity. The nature and Value of Social Safeness.

Trauma and Compassion BPS section Transpersonal Psychology