Workshop: The grip of Thinking

An introduction to Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy.

Saturday 25th April 2020 at the Newcastle Meditation Centre (Costs £15)

The Butterfly mind or the Monkey mind is continually strengthening the tendency of the mind to be unsettled. What does it mean that our mind is unsettled?

When we have a settled mind we are generally aware of the present moment, we can be in flow, or just sitting and breathing, and we can be aware of current emotions or sensations in our body. When our mind is unsettled, our awareness can be anywhere but is often not in the present moment, the mind can go to places from long ago, or to places it is longing for. An unsettled mind can chew over yesterdays’ emotions about yesterdays’ encounters or be full of anxiety about the family gathering that is planned for next week.

Often we barely know what our mind is up to when it is unsettled, often we experience emotions but are not quite sure why. In times when we experience struggles it can well be that our mind is preparing for flight or fight and we experience a perturbed feeling in our body while our mind goes to places we rather avoid. It is this tendency of the mind that we all share and that can sometimes lead to low mood and even depression or anxiety (one in four people in the UK).

In this workshop we experience practices that can help to settle our mind, even if only for a very short moment…

You can sign up for this workshop by using the following link:

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