St Mary's Re-Treats (Feedback)

Feedback from Saturday 28th April 2018 & Saturday 19th January 2019:

  • The power of vulnerability that we accessed in the last creative exercise speaks volumes. Thank you for a Heart Focussed day.
  • An amazing afternoon. I am grateful for this opportunity. I have appreciated the space to think and be, as well as the thought provoking information. I also loved the scones and even the seals.
  • I said I did not know what to expect. But reflecting on my experience of today it has been powerful and beautiful. Helping my journey of self-discovery and believing in my own abilities. Thank you both so much.
  • Fully met my expectations, may have surpassed them. Love the mix of wisdom and practice, indoors and outdoors, group and individual. Awesome
  • Do this again please so I can come back. Am tired and thoughtful but in a good way
  • I feel I shared a little of myself but will go home and use the experience to challenge and know myself on a deeper level (April 2018)
  • Had an amazing day in peaceful surroundings. I have enjoyed learning new ideas from Rising Strong and I feel like the meditations have renewed my practice and I will try to continue them. I felt nervous to begin with but half way through noticed a sense of being accepted in what I was sharing. Thank you (April 2018)
  • Just what I needed today. Calm reflection and inspiration (April 2018)
  • Taking time out for meditation and contemplation in such a stunningly wild and beautiful place was one of the most nourishing experiences I ever had (January 2019)
  • Absolutely brilliant, a living metaphor; I can strand myself at any time now (January 2019)
  • I came away with lots of energy and ideas and connected with the concepts of Brené Brown on a deeper level (January 2019)

Decamp for some contemplation and reflection and join us as we get stranded on St Mary’s Island in October, November and December 2019. An afternoon to rest, reflect and get inspired. To ditch some of the cluttering and make space for new beginnings. Meditation, compassion, and courageous conversations with afternoon-tea.

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