Sunday Morning Insight Meditation Practice

We offer a space to get together to practice and explore themes in Insight Meditation and Self-compassion. The Sunday morning practice starts at 9.30AM with a 25 minute grounding practice, followed by a Dharma talk and more practice, an opportunity to reflect is given in breakout rooms, we then come back together for a question and answer opportunity and finish at 11AM. The morning is facilitated by Walter (Insight meditation North East) and Anna (experienced Mindfulness & Mindful self compassion teacher).


“We live in a time when science is validating what humans have known throughout the ages: that compassion is not a luxury; it is a necessity for our well-being, resilience, and survival.”

Joan Halifax


Since the 4th of April 2020 we connect every Sunday morning via Zoom, in the future this will hopefully be a combination of a face to face real venue and Zoom. We can offer the world our presence.


To provide a space for people to connect with themselves and each other and to offer practices and insight into how it is to be a human being at this time on planet Earth.

Let’s build something together.

Mindfulness & (Self-)Compassion Practice

We offer a range of services to introduce you or help deepening your Mindfulness practice. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Start with the free Thursday Drop in sessions from 7.00-7.30 PM every Thursday evening on Zoom: Interested? Send an email via

Every Sunday Morning Mindful Self compassion practice & Dharma Talk by Insight Meditation and These Zoom sessions are free and last from 9.30 – 11AM. Meditation experience recommended. Interested? Send an email via


Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Thich Nhat Hanh


The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers.

Thich Nhat Hanh


Every one of us already has the seed of mindfulness, the practice is to cultivate it.

Thich Nhat Hanh.

Let’s build something together.


The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on Earth.

St Mary’s Lighthouse (re)-treats

Throughout the year when the moon is full and the tide is in we hold a space on the beautiful island of St Mary’s to meditate, and to have courageous discussions about vulnerability. We encourage a compassionate openness to ourselves and the world around us. Currently St Mary is closed but we expect to continue these retreats once the lock down is over.

Sunday morning retreats

Every Sunday from 9.30 – 11.30 we keep a space throughout this lockdown to connect and meditate and be mindful of our life during lockdown. We offer guided practices, Dharma talks and self-compassion practice & teachings, and self reflection. We offer this for free so everyone can take part, whether this is for part of the time or the full 2 hours. Please email me for a Zoom link.

Silent Retreats

Once a year we will have a day of silence on St Mary’s to really come to a safe space to meditate and connect with yourself and nature. Guided meditation is offered inside and outside.

Retreat at St Mary's Sunday 15th November 2020

Get stranded on St Mary’s Island on Sunday 15th November 2020 and experience different practices, a deepening silence, kinship and time to breathe in the salty air on this beautiful island off the coast in Whitley Bay (UK). The day will be facilitated by Claire & Anna.

Costs are £45 for the day and we ask you to bring some food to share for lunch, we will provide coffee, tea and snacks. There are a couple of conc. places. Please send me an email if you want to book, or book via this website.

Mindfulness Drop In's

Through the week we present diverse opportunities to practice mindfulness & self compassion. You don’t have to book, you can just drop in. Costs £5.

  • Tuesday mornings Limited edition Mindful Movement & Meditation in the Wild-masters Garden, next to Whitley Bay metro Station sessions start 9.30 – 10.30AM 14th, 21st, and 28th of July 2020. Booking essential via:
  • Thursday evenings Mindfulness & (Self) Compassion practices Drop In 7 – 7.30 PM on Zoom (please email me for the link) These sessions are currently free. Email me for a link if you want to participate.
  • Sunday morning (9.30 – 11AM) Meditation & Compassion practice and Dharma Talk for more experienced meditators. These sessions are co-facilitated by Insight Meditation. The sessions have been running since the 4th of April 2020 and are free at the moment on Zoom. Email me for a link to the Zoom session if you are interested and want to participate.

Workshop: The grip of Thinking

An introduction to Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy.

Saturday 25th April 2020 at the Newcastle Meditation Centre (Costs £15)

The Butterfly mind or the Monkey mind is continually strengthening the tendency of the mind to be unsettled. What does it mean that our mind is unsettled?

When we have a settled mind we are generally aware of the present moment, we can be in flow, or just sitting and breathing, and we can be aware of current emotions or sensations in our body. When our mind is unsettled, our awareness can be anywhere but is often not in the present moment, the mind can go to places from long ago, or to places it is longing for. An unsettled mind can chew over yesterdays’ emotions about yesterdays’ encounters or be full of anxiety about the family gathering that is planned for next week.

Often we barely know what our mind is up to when it is unsettled, often we experience emotions but are not quite sure why. In times when we experience struggles it can well be that our mind is preparing for flight or fight and we experience a perturbed feeling in our body while our mind goes to places we rather avoid. It is this tendency of the mind that we all share and that can sometimes lead to low mood and even depression or anxiety (one in four people in the UK).

In this workshop we experience practices that can help to settle our mind, even if only for a very short moment…

You can sign up for this workshop by using the following link:

Barefoot Dancing at the Yoga Station

Friday nights barefoot dancing suspended until further notice

the perfect way to end your working week…. An inclusive 60 minute, freestyle, come-as-you-are, no-one-is-watching so Let It Roar Dance session. No steps to learn and nothing to ‘get right’. An invitation to leave your worries behind, kick off your shoes and let your body lead you into the roaring twenties!

Every third Friday 6.30PM – 8PM. Guided meditation 6.30 – 7PM Entrance £5,- (£3 unwaged) no need to book.

A great way to connect with your body and emotions in a safe, welcoming space. Dancing awakens your soul 💫 Deepens our capacity for joy 💛 Brings you together with others 💛 Keeps you young 💛 Reduces stress & depression 💛 Enhances creativity 💛 Develops muscle tone, flexibility and stamina 👣 offers a fantastic way to work out!

An invitation to leave your worries behind, kick off your shoes and dance like no-body is watching

Stranded: The deep dive

The Deep dive – a three part re-treat series, incorporating mindful self compassion & the research of Brené Brown. Daring Greatly. The deep dive is a series of three day re-treats on St Mary’s Island.

The Deep Dive is a voyage of self discovery where you will develop the tools and practices that will help you to cast off the stories that are holding you back from living your best life.

Part 1: 12th October – Set sail ⛵️ Tools and practices for Wholehearted Living.

Part 2: 9th of November – Jump in ❤️ How you are, how you love/parent/live

Part 3: 14th December – Dip deep 🐋 Deliberate, intentional, generous self-discovery

Feedback from previous Lighthouse retreat days:

Costs: £200 for all three Re-Treat dates (save £45)  
£85 per individual workshop. Payment plans available. All stranded events are open to woman and men over the age of 18.

Mindful Movement: Limited edition..

Mindful movement from 09.30 till 10.30AM at the WildMasters Garden near the Yoga station Whitley Bay Metro on Tuesday morning 14th, 21st and 28th of July 2020.

Gently waking up the body with mindful stretching and moving, to start the day with a presence and clear intention, greeting the sun. Awakening energy (Chi) and coming to rest; be fully present for the beginning of the day.

Let go of something by Donna Faulds;

Let go of something, somewhere. Use yoga to become aware, to touch what lies beneath the surface of the skin. Is there tension longing for release; a knot of fear so deep and familiar that you believe it’s part of who you are? Ease into dark corners, locked rooms, unexplored hallways. Gain entry not by force or will but only by softness. Enter on the wings of breath, and turn the key of self-acceptance to let go of somethings, somewhere.



  • 25th April Workshop The grip of Thinking at Newcastle Meditation Centre. From 1PM – 4PM. Costs £20. Cancelled until further notice
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy The 8 week course MBCT starts after the Lock down 2020 in North Tyneside.
  • Barefoot Dancing at the Yoga Station from 6.30 – 8PM cancelled until further notice.